Explanation for the ‘Absolute Everything’

Years of research and personal inquiry on the subject have taken me to these conclusions:

Space and Matter are both representations of Energy at different vibrations.

Our senses allow us to sequence Energy in its different states (space, matter, etc) through the internal processes that we call experiences. These sequencing of experiences are the internal construct that we call Time.

Everything will one day be explained through mathematics. Thus, Everything can be binary coded.

Since Absolute Everything is what the word literally implies then the following equation must be the ultimate representation of it:

Absolute Everything  =  Everything  +  what Everything is not

AB  =  1  +  0

The experience of Time is what takes place between the ultimate [1] and the ultimate [0] status of Absolute Everything.

Everything seems to obey physical laws. Physical laws are the physical representation of mathematics.

Physical laws “rule” what takes place between [1] and [0]: Time.

Mathematics only shows changes in the state of Energy, or how energy goes from being a whole [1] to it’s opposite [0].

Absolute Everything exists only in the now. That is why the now feels eternal [1] and ephemeral [0] at the same time.

This holographic/fractal nature of Absolute Everything must be like this as a way to fully integrate: everything [1] and its opposite [0].

Since Time is a perceptual construction, and Absolute Everything exists only now, then past and future are also happening now.


These ideas will always be a work in progress, but if you would like to discuss them I can get into detail on how I draw my conclusions.


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